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A new way to trade and make money in the foreign exchange market has arrived. Zulutrade connects professional traders with people who want to make money in forex. This is called a signal provider / follower relationship. There are 1000's of signal providers to choose from and a follower is free to select any of them.


Zulutrade is a service that is free to use both for signal providers and followers. Signal providers will earn broker commissions for each trade taken by there followers. A good trader who makes consistent returns will get a large following and make substantial earnings. To use Zulutrade you will have to sign up to a forex broker. This can easily been done on the Zulutrade platform.


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Zulutrade – How does it work?


All signal providers are ranked by Zulutrade and these number in the 1000's. All signal provider covet the number 1 slot. Being in the top 5 consistently can gain a provider lots of followers and has the potential to earn $20,000+ per month.


To follow a signal provider you need to open an free account with Zulutrade. This is done on the Zulutrade website. Anyone who is new to Zulutrade should open a demo account before moving on to real money. Once your account is open you can choose your signal provider. This is done in the performance page.


When you are learning the Zulutrade system start of by following only one system. This will allow you to learn how things work and what to expect when trading. When you have chosen your system  you will be given a choice of how to trade it. This is an automatic mode or a custom mode.


With the automatic mode you select how much risk you wish to take by sliding the risk bar left and right. This will then select your lot sizes automatically for you. At the beginning it is better to have a lower risk (50% or lower). Setting the risk higher makes more profits but can lead to financial ruin  if set to high.


When using the the custom setting you have the ability to choose your own settings. These range from lot sizing, the amount of trades you want to take, stop losses sizes, take profit points and much more. To trade this way takes time to learn but th effort is worth it as you be able to make money and trade safely.


New followers should use the automatic settings. This will give you a quick way of making money and allow you the opportunity to learn how the system works. Once you feel comfortable you can move on the custom settings using the automatic settings as a guide.


More experienced traders can start on the custom settings. One of the best features of Zulutrade is the backtest facility. You can use this to find out how your system would have done with the settings  you have selected.


This allows you to test your settings and find profitable systems. this allows you to learn how to program your signal provider.


Using Zulutrade offers a way of trading that takes a hands off approach. This means that many people can start to learn forex the easy way.


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