About Us

At ForexTradingTutorial.biz our aim is to help you and give you a head start in currency trading.


We bring together our knowledge of trading using signal providers (other people trading currency) and a professional risk management strategy that provides you with the best possible chance of making money forex trading.


We use the same strategies ourselves successfully and now we want to help you become a profitable trader. We don't tell you which signal provider to follow or how much money you should be trading. What we do is teach you all the things you will need to know to trade safely and thus successfully.


There is a phrase in forex trading that says "the best loser wins". This means that you will lose some trades, so will lose some money but you will also win some trades and make some money. Being the best loser is minimizing your risk to losses and maximizing your wins. This is the essence of what we teach you.


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